Feature: Turning ‘Peaceful’ Into ‘Frantic’ With Animal Crossing’s Speedrunning Scene

Legging it through New Leaf.

There’s an entire generation of players who hold dear fond memories of dipping their stubby toes in the coarse sand of Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s beaches. There was a calm warmth that came with the villagers that called your slowly built-up town home. The game was a beacon of creativity where you could let the whooshing sound of the ocean’s waves and the crickets and chirpings of the wildlife wash over you. It was and still is a title perfect for unwinding after a long day, and that tranquillity has carried over to the Switch iteration, New Horizons.

Yet, there are those who opt to put aside that blissful and melodic world in favour of the adrenaline and sweat brought about through speedrunning. It’s understandable, for most games, that there’s a pool of players trying their hand at one-upping each other’s time — shaving off seconds in celebratory booms of cheer — but there’s usually a clear and defined end goal to aim for; think Mario Kart’s race tracks that require pixel-perfect jumps off the map to reach just the right spot. There’s often something less exacting that any non-speedrunning player can go for to shave off some time, too. Something for both parties.

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