Forgotten Toys


So when I was about 8 years old my mum’s ex boyfriend bought me some toys which he had brought back from Germany in like 2003-4 (he was in the army). No idea why but for some reason I just started thinking about them, but all I can seem to remember about them is what they looked like. Can’t remember the name of the company that manufactured them or the name of the toys themselves. I’ll list their description below and if anyone can help it be hugely appreciated.

Toy 1. Secret agent 1/6 scale Yellow sports car with attachable machine gun turrets. Figure was well built with brown hair I believe

Toy 2. Secret agent 1/6 scale Blonde figure in green wet suit (I think) with a jet ski that had purple stripes going across

Toy 3. Helicopter pilot green 1/6 scale camo outfit and the chopper was able to be opened to place the pilot inside

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