Feature: Can’t Buy Super Mario 64 On Switch Anymore? Psst! The N64 Original Is Better

EON discusses Super 64: PAL Edition.

As you’ll no doubt have heard, Super Mario 3D All-Stars — the 3D Mario collection that bundles Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy in a single Switch cartridge (or download) — will no longer be available to buy after 31st March 2021. Once retail channels are exhausted of existing stock, you’ll only be able to get your hands on this limited-time package via secondhand stores, online sellers and auction sites.

It’s always a shame when games are delisted, and it’s all the more surprising when it’s one of the most important and influential (not to mention popular) video games ever. Nintendo’s marketing tactics aside, there are many gamers that would argue Mario 64 — or any game — is best played on original hardware anyway. The Switch port might be more convenient and look sharper, but playing the game on a pad that doesn’t have three prongs and a spindly analogue stick? That’s just not right.

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