Talking Point: One Year On, What’s Still Missing From Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

O Brewster, where art thou?

After a long, tiring old year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs a shot. No, not the shot in the arm currently being rolled out across the planet with varying degrees of alacrity — we’re talking about a caffeine shot from the series’ purveyor of finest roasted bean juice, Brewster.

The damn fine coffee of everyone’s favourite barista is perhaps the most obvious, most ‘significant’ element from previous games that fans are desperate see return. After 365 days of updates both big and small, we honestly thought that everything would be in the game by now, but the game’s enormous success seems to have caught Nintendo off guard and there’s indications that the company may be looking to keep the ball rolling with further updates and refinements to returning annual events (Bunny Day, for example, already has new items this year) and potentially adding more facilities and mechanics to the game throughout its second year.

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