Looking for a toy from my childhood.

If this is not the correct subreddit, i apoligize and would like to be sent the correct way. I’m gonna ask my question anyway to be sure. I vividly remember some toys i had when i was small but i can’t remember the name of it. I sadly don’t have pictures either.

What i can remember is that it was a series of kind of buildable transforming figures from the mid 2000’s. I can remember one character who would change from a purple panther-ish looking form with skeletal details to a warrior form with a skeleton tail as a weapon. I can also remember that the line had alien bug creatures who could kind of transform. You had to dissassemble them a little bit to ‘transform’ them. There were small comics with the figures too. They came in containers you could keep them in. If this rings a bell for anybody, i would love to hear it! If anybody has any questions, i will try to answer it!

Edit: something in the back of my mind says k’nex, but i don’t think that’s right. Probably just some memories that got mixed. But maybe it helps.

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