Searching for a specific construction/marble sorting toy (toy set).

Hey folks I have looked and looked for this toy set. I don’t know the brand, but let me describe it:

I’d like to purchase this for myself… I mean, grandson…

It is an electro mechanical toy set that has dump trucks, mining carts, grain elevator type mechanical moving parts. It has elements of a gravity fed marble track as well. In this case the marble sized objects are two different colors (red and blue) and are actually ball bearings that are perhaps 1cm in diameter and IIRC may be rubberized. The ‘marbles’ circulate on tracks, being fed through gravity via a hopper. Through the course of the toy, they get sorted by color and then elevated up to the top again and get remixed.

I saw this toy in the early 2000s at a colleague’s house in the USA. It had a feeling of an expensive euro-toy or something you’d see in a kids museum gift shop.

Thats the best I can do. Hope y’all can help. Thanks.

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