Review: Skyforge – A Disastrous MMORPG Cursed With Technical Faults And Dire Gameplay


Editor’s note: The developer claims that a patch is currently awaiting certification with Nintendo which aims to improve the performance of Skyforge on Switch. However, it would seem the availability of this patch is still unknown at present. With that in mind, we’re publishing our review ahead of the patch going live, so please keep in mind that it may address some of the issues raised in this review.

Allods Team’s Skyforge, which has been doing the rounds since back in 2015 is, at best, a pretty mediocre MMORPG – even when it’s running as smoothly as it can and looking relatively decent on PC, PS4 or Xbox. This is a sci-fi/fantasy effort that flings players headlong into uninspiring, repetitive missions that take place in dull, lifeless locations where you employ the same handful of bog-standard moves ad nauseam against enemies who really don’t seem to know or care that they’re in combat. On Switch, this all-encompassing mediocrity takes a nosedive into proper disaster territory.

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