Video: Harvest Moon And Story Of Seasons’ First Half Hour, In This Side-By-Side Comparison

Speedrun Any% Pre-Cow.

In the race for “best farming game of March 2021”, there’s still everything to play for. Harvest Moon: One World came out earlier this week, and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has a release date of 23rd/26th March depending on whether you’re in North America or Europe/Australia, and we’ve been reporting on the battle all along – from which one has the cutest pre-order plush, to finding out that Story of Seasons will include same-sex marriage, but Harvest Moon won’t.

There are many metrics that might sway you, most of which we will eventually cover in our reviews of both, but for now, there’s this video by Adam Roffel, which shows the first thirty minutes of both games at the same time.

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