Review: Astrologaster – An Expert Mix Of Historical Drama And Shakespearean Comedy

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Well, thou art running a fever of 38C.

Was it not Shakespeare who said: “fie! I have the plague, and my armpits do weep with pus-filled boils like mustard from a Big Mac”? Well, if you liked that quote, you’re in excellent company with Astrologaster, a bawdy comedy-musical game from Nyamyam that combines the looks of a pop-up book with the content of a rowdy romp through historical medicine.

Astrologaster is not for everyone. If any of the words in the last sentence made you yawn, or you think musicals are literally what awaits you in Hell, then we’re sad to say that Astrologaster may not be your cup of tea. But anyone willing to give this game a try will find it to be a wonderful little nugget of writing and attention to detail that will coerce a smile out of you, one way or another.

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