Random: Researchers Visualise How Mario, Luigi, And Dr Eggman Would Look If They’d Actually Aged

Mario and Luigi look ready to claim their plumber pensions.

Last year was Mario’s 35th birthday, and this year is Link’s 35th, yet they still look as young and vibrant as ever. Well, sure, Mario still looks like a plumber who enjoys spaghetti a little too much, but Link’s most recent reincarnation in Breath of the Wild emerged from a 100-year sleep looking like he’d drunk a gallon of wrinkle cream before bed.

Given that we’re constantly in horror at how long it’s been since a game came out (18 years since Wind Waker, btw), we’re happy to welcome that little bit of schadenfreude that comes with finding out that Mario is technically 65 – and now, he finally looks it.

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