Review: SNK vs. Capcom: The Match Of The Millennium – The Battle Still Rages, 20 Years On

A portable victory.

Once upon a time, the battle between Capcom and SNK was real. During the early ’90s, the two companies – each dedicated to the evolution of the fighting game – embarked in a tit-for-tat cold war.

SNK’s Ryo, an orange gi-wearing approximation of Street Fighter’s Ryu, ended up in Capcom’s official Street Fighter II: Champion Edition artwork as a downed opponent. Not only was the orange gi present, but the fighter, face hidden beneath Sagat’s mighty grip, sported a ponytail similar to Art of Fighting’s Robert Garcia. SNK responded by placing a series of statues resembling Street Fighter II’s Guile, Fei Long, Zangief and Akuma in the background of a King of Fighters ’94 cutscene. Rugal Bernstein, the game’s final boss, declares them statues of fighters he has defeated. A year later in 1995, Capcom revealed secret Street Fighter Alpha combatant Dan Hibiki: a slapstick, crying, parody amalgam of Art of Fighting’s leading duo.

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