A Journalist Asked Actual Kids What They Thought About The “Kids Play Too Many Video Games” Argument

Anne Helen Petersen interviews children from 5 to 15 about their gaming habits.

Journalist Anne Helen Petersen is tired of the “alarmist rhetoric” around video games. She’s not the only one. In her newsletter, Culture Study, Petersen has already spoken to psychologist Rachel Kowert about the fearmongering, satanic-panic-adjacent stigma around gaming, and how it’s not new for parents to worry about these things, but that they “deserve so much more” from the media.

Unsatisfied with merely debating and disproving the tired takes from publications who should know better, Peterson published a piece on Sunday entitled “gaming, in kids’ own words“. It’s one thing to argue, and another thing entirely to see something negative, and decide to put out something positive instead – but that’s exactly what this piece intends to do. It’s a salve for those of us who’ve had enough of uninformed pieces about the “dangers of gaming”, and can remind us all that sometimes, kids know best.

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