UFO toy from my childhood

When I was a kid I picked up this toy from a museum gift shop. I know I still have it and I just tore apart my house but couldn’t find it. I’ve also been googling but can’t find it.

It was an all-gray flying saucer with a point on the bottom like a top, but it wasn’t a top. I think the package claimed it defied gravity and it came with a little base so as a kid I actually thought it was a flying saucer version of that famous eagle toy that balances on your finger because of weights in its wings. It wasn’t that either.

The toy had three slots on its perimeter which could be blown into. This made a bit of a high pitched noise and made a mechanism inside spin creating a centrifugal force that allowed the UFO to stand upright. Basically it was a UFO with a top inside of it.

Does anybody know the toy I’m talking about or what it might be called?! I’d be so appreciative!

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