Feature: Best Kirby Games Of All Time

Every Kirby game ever, as ranked by you.

Kirby — one of the most famous faces (with little podgy arms and feet attached) in Nintendo’s stable of stars — has been wowing players with his impressive abilities and sheer versatility for nearly thirty years now. Created by Smash Bros. boss Masahiro Sakurai, the pink one built up a very impressive library of games across a variety of genres since his 1992 Game Boy debut, Kirby’s Dream Land.

In fact, Kirby and his catalogue represent an odd dichotomy. He’s a super approachable platforming protagonist ready to onboard novices and younger gamers with his sedately iterative adventures, but he is also (and perhaps fittingly seeing as he’s the product of a company named HAL Laboratory) the subject of numerous madcap gameplay experiments; a guinea pig for new game mechanics and ideas. Kirby is all-at-once video gaming’s blandest and most exciting character. Perhaps such adaptability is to be expected from an individual who can transform at will and adopt the characteristics of literally anyone or anything he comes into contact with.

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