Switch Ranked Greatest Handheld Of All Time By UK Newspaper The Guardian

The DS and 3DS are second and third.

Remember the N-Gage? We certainly do. The mobile phone-meets-handheld device was the property of all the rich nerds in schools across the world, but we could just never quite convince our parents that it was a great idea to let us merge our communication device with that darn Gaming Boy we spent all our time on. Joke’s on you, parents: now everyone has a phone that plays games.

We feel a little vindicated to find out that the N-Gage is only 17th on The Guardian’s list of the top 20 handheld consoles of all time, far below the Nintendo Switch (which we obviously all own), the DS (which we… probably all own?) and the 3DS (which we should all own, since it’s the best).

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