Desperately trying to remember toy robots I owned in the mid 90’s!!

Hi all and thanks in advance for any help

Around ’95-’96, I remember a toy line of large, humanoid robots being one of “the toys” to get at Christmas. They were fairly intricate and required assembly, my parents assembled them before I received them. They were happy doing such things normally but these caused years of complaining “remember those fkn robots? Oh my god!!”.

Thing is, I can’t find an image or name for them anywhere 🙁 I suspect they were called Zords, however they were DEFINITELY not related to Power Rangers. They were also definitely not Zoids, which to my knowledge were all animals.

I forget now how many varieties were in the range, however I owned two, both with large paldrons. I had a black robot who carried a large battle axe and a circular shield, the other was either blue or red and carried a large sword and a shield which was more diamond shaped than the other (I’d draw comparisons with star destroyers from Star Wars). I believe they moved though they were clearly intended to be display pieces rather than “toys”. I’m not sure I remember much else of use about them, if anything, but I’m hoping someone might remember them and know what they were called. I’ll answer any questions I can!

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