Preview: Monster Hunter Rise Feels Like A Glorious Homecoming For The Series, Not A Side-Story

Our impressions of the new demo.

Monster Hunter has gone mainstream. With 2018’s Monster Hunter: World, Capcom finally managed to get the storied franchise to break through to become a smash-hit internationally, selling over 21 million cumulative sales (including Iceborne) as of the time of writing. But, the series has traditionally been positioned as a handheld title – and after spending some time with Monster Hunter Rise’s incredibly impressive demo – we feel that this new entry is something of a homecoming for the series.

Unlike Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, which was released on Switch in the autumn of 2018, Monster Hunter Rise is built from the ground up with the Switch in mind. This doesn’t mean you’re getting a watered-down experience; the lessons the team learned from Monster Hunter: World still shine through in this demo, with more than a few new tricks of its own, to boot.

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