‘Wholesome Snack’ Direct Features A Whole Bunch Of Chill Indies, Lots Of Cats

Harvest Meown.

Farming, cooking, and selling your wares to the locals. What was once a typical day in the life of a peasant in the Middle Ages is now a welcome respite from the technologically-dominated life of a modern citizen of the internet. It used to be that making bread was a way to stay alive; now it’s a hobby that you take up when you’re bored of eating the bread other people made for you.

Wholesome Games is dedicated to showcasing the games that make us feel all toasty inside when the real world leaves us cold and sad. Although there was a full-size Wholesome Games Direct back in May, we just had what the team is calling a “Wholesome Snack”: a smaller teaser of upcoming indie games just in time for the holidays. Here are all of the games featured that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch:

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