Review: PixelJunk Eden 2 – More Than Simply An ‘Audiovisual Experience’

In the Garden of Eden, honey, don’t you know that I lo-ove you-ou.

Calling your game “Eden” promises three things; a garden, naked people, and the original sin that led to the inexorable corruption of humanity and, ultimately, all of the misery in existence. Big shoes to fill, then, for Q-Games’ twelve-years-later sequel to their downloadable PlayStation 3 title PixelJunk Eden. We’re pleased to report that this game manages to avoid the common development pitfall of “unleashing the concept of shame” à la The Bible’s take on the genre, but it’s also sadly lacking in naked people altogether. Unless there’s some sort of cheat code. (Note: Ask PR about nudity cheat code)

What we actually have here is described in-game as an “audiovisual experience”, which we thought was a bit precious considering that almost everything is an audiovisual experience. Getting a can of D&B out of the fridge is an audiovisual experience: what’s your point? It’s one of those games that appears to frontload its aesthetic offerings in a (futile?) bid to be respected as art. Often this kind of thing is a bit of a distraction from limited and unenjoyable gameplay, but we’re delighted to report that, in keeping with the likes of PixelJunk Shooter and Monsters, there’s lots of fun to be had with PixelJunk Eden 2.

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