Feature: Why Open A Video Game Shop During A Global Pandemic?

How one man is bucking the trend.

2020 may have been a bumper year for video game sales, but it’s impacted other businesses in a very negative way. Cinemas and restaurants have been forced to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and while video game sales have been buoyant thanks digital and online purchases, physical retail stores with no means of selling remotely have seen their footfall reduced to a trickle; these bricks-and-mortar shops have really felt the pinch of local lockdowns and other restrictions on face-to-face trade.

You might think this is the worst possible time to open such a store, but that hasn’t stopped Richard Tewkesbury. You might recall him from a feature we did not so long ago; via his Game Boy Shack online store, he’s been selling games and modded systems for years, and his stall has been a regular face at live events throughout the UK – until 2020, of course.

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