Review: Phogs! – Utterly Cute And Charming Co-Op Fun

Where poodle meets noodle.

What do you get if you take one part Push Me Pull You, one part Noby Noby Boy, one part CatDog and a weirdly large helping of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? Depending on which parts you take, you’ll either end up with a tale of fraternal love and body horror, or you’ll end up with Phogs: a game in which you play, simultaneously, as both halves of a two-headed dogsnake.

It’s not as horrific as it sounds. The dear little phoggos, as they’re called, are sweet and adorable, tasked only with biting, snaking, and borking their way through a series of puzzles in order to reach the end of each level. Rather than being cosmic, Lovecraftian horror, Phogs is a physics-based puzzle game, playable either in single player (which is fun, but hard) or cooperatively, through online or local multiplayer.

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