Mini Review: The Alto Collection – A Breezy Pair Of Smartphone Classics On Your Switch

Cruise Control.

Some of the best mobile games are often the most straightforward. By happy coincidence, this also means that they’re especially easy to port over to other systems. The Alto Collection takes two of mobile gaming’s most celebrated titles, Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, and puts them together in one handy – albeit rather bare – package for the Switch.

The premise behind both games (which, aside from setting, are virtually identical) is simple: you slide down a never-ending mountain, accumulating points by collecting coins and performing tricks. The only button you’ll need to worry about is ‘A’; that’s it (well okay, you can also use the touch screen in handheld mode). This lets you hop over obstacles, grind onto buntings, and leap over chasms. If you hold ‘A’ down, you can also perform backflips, provided you get enough air time.

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