NA VS Europe age ratings

So I’m guessing most of the people here are Americans and with your confusing age rating system, so you’re old good pal from the UK gonna teach you to have the most simple age rating. Here in Europe we got PEGI a age rating company that responsible to rate games all over Europe and it’s clean an simple, there’s PEGI 3, 7, 12, 16, and 18. The 3 to 16 really more of recommendation with 18 it required by law you must have a ID and the seller must be over 18 if broken the seller will get a fine or lose their job but in rare conditions there are different age rating like my copy of COD WAW is rated 15 but the logo was red so you would have to proof that you we’re over 15 to get it and this what get confusing of what the game get rated because for some reason skate 3 is rated 16, so you got the classic language, gambling, violence, sex references and so on, if there’s some form of violence the age rating will go up, or if there’s sex references it will automatically go to 16 or 18 depending what kind of sex references… and for some reason Mario party is rated 16 while in America E for everyone. In America there’s E, T, M, AO and many more that I don’t remember. Now I don’t fully understand about your age system and how it works so feel free to tell me, but I can tell you about AO games because well they basically 18+ entertainment (A.K.A, you’re homework files), now there’s only 23 of these games manly because no game stores want to buy them so that why you can only find them on PC only.

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