Frigi Bear

Hello, I don’t really post often so I hope this is a good spot for this. Sorry if it is TL;DR.

My husband was scrolling through eBay looking for old computers and things and I mentioned one of the computers he was looking at looked like something I had as a middle schooler. Which started him trying to find the exact computer. Now I wasn’t attached to this computer in anyway so I asked him why he was trying so hard to find the right one. He said it was because he wanted to find something that I had as a kid.

Now we moved around a lot so I do not have anything still from my childhood. The only thing I have remotely close at this point is a painting my grandmother did of all my stuffed toys as a kid. In it it shows my old teddy bear named Frigi.

I told him that if he wanted to find me something from when I was a kid, something I figured was impossible to find so he probably shouldn’t bother it was my old teddy bear. Have you ever typed vintage teddy bears into something like EBAY? It’s insane. Not to mention Teddy Bears are rather diverse. So here’s what we had to go off of:

1.) light brown furry teddy bear

2.) cream / off white colored shirt which I thought had the bear’s name on it.

3.) I was born late 80’s. Didn’t remember being given this bear so it was from either around when I was born or was given to me really early on.

4.) I called it Frigy bear. and said it with a hard g so it kind of sounded like Fridgy bear.

So he’s looking through eBay for old teddy bears from the 80’s. Which wasn’t coming up with anything close.

After an hour he asks me if I remember anything else? Why did I call it Frigy bear?

I explained his name was on his shirt. Teddy bears with shirts on eBay is also not a helpful search. “Was it a promotional bear?” I had no idea.

So my husband is like a dog with a bone and he’s gone down the rabbit hole. I can either wait for him to give up (not going to happen) or jump in the rabbit hole with him. So I start looking through eBay for promotional teddy bears and the t-shirts start looking right. So I tell him he might be onto something with it being a promotional bear because the shirts look right.

So he says Frigy bear out loud a few times and has a light bulb moment.

“You know what, when you say it out loud it sounds like Frigidaire.” So on a whim he types in Frigidaire teddy bear. And that pulls up some very close looking teddy bears with blue and white stripped t-shirts.

He looks at me.

Now I think that those are pretty close. But I have this painting. My grandmother has been an artist for a long time. She uses references. My childhood memories could be flawed but there is no way she messed up that bear’s t-shirt.

So I tell him that there is no way that it’s a stripped shirt. He scrolls down further and there’s a picture from the side of a bear with a cream colored shirt. Not going to lie at this point I started to hit his shoulder and shout, “That one that one!”. He clicked on it and it was my bear. Or rather it was about to be my bears. It was a lot of two in the bag. He said no worries you’ll have a spare.

A few days later we check the emails to see where the bears are and noticed that the pictures have suddenly changed to the bears with the blue stripped shirts. But the package had shipped a few days ago with the other pictures so we didn’t think much of it.

Package gets here and my husband is watching my every move because he has delivered unto me a piece of my childhood. So he’s watching me as I carefully open the box and see a blue stripe…. Open the next one to a blue striped shirt as well.

Now keep in mind I was trying to keep my expectations low. I’ve written off my childhood things as gone and never to be seen or heard of again. My husband on the other hand is not about to take this as is. He writes an email explaining that he’s trying to get me my exact teddy bear and that was what he’d purchased. The seller comes back with a “Sorry that’s all I have and you can send it back if you want.”.

So back to eBay. Thankfully there was one other listing that had the same bear. He ordered it. Jump to today.

I opened the box and pulled out this now infamous bear. And I barely hold back tears as I hug it then kiss my husband.

I hadn’t expected finding this bear to mean as much as it suddenly did when I held it in my arms. But here he is. A piece of something I never thought I’d get back. Made all that more special because of my husband’s dedication and internet sleuthing. Now when I look at him and hopefully hand him down to our children he has a story of my husband going above and beyond to do something meaningful and thoughtful.

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