Soapbox: 10 Years On, We Need More Brave, Worthwhile Experiments Like Epic Mickey

The Brave Little ‘Failure’.

In some ways, the Wii era feels further away than it actually is. The modern gaming landscape, though certainly influenced by Nintendo’s approachable little console, seems so laser focused on pixel counts, framerates and raytracing that Wii feels incredibly old-school in 2020. The idea that just ten years ago we were still playing anything sub-HD out of the box feels quaint and even a little unbelievable. Then again, 2020 has done a number on my perception of time and space. Tuesdays feel like Thursdays and weeks feel like months, except when they zip by and you wonder how the hell we’re knocking on December’s door already.

Still, believe it or not, a decade ago Nintendo’s little white box was still serving up off-the-wall treats and curious titles at a pathetically paltry 480p (how we ever survived the insult remains a mystery). One of the console’s most intriguing games — and one which makes me smile when I see it on the shelf — saw the ever-affable and vapidly genial Disney mascot Mickey Mouse cast in an adventure that tapped into his more mischievous roots. Epic Mickey — which released in the UK on 25th November 2010 — is a game I have great affection for, warts-and-all. In many areas it falls well short of platforming perfection, but it’s one of those games that managed to pull me through those imperfections with the power of its world and ideas.

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