Review: Cake Bash – Delicious Multiplayer Action That’s Too Tasty To Ignore

Much ado about muffin.

The majority of people, young or old, would be forced to concede that cakes are delicious. Nobody dislikes sweets, and anyone who did would rightfully be cast out from society and forced to live in some sort of modified bin. It’s a canny move, then, to make a game about said desserts. It guarantees at least a 5/10 from any intellectually honest reviewer. See a cake, lock those five points down.

Cake Bash immediately lands itself in a fortuitous position for being entirely built around confectionary. It’s a party game that thrives in local multiplayer, but online play is available, too. You play as a choice of delicious sweets that have come to life, battling amongst yourselves to be the best, most appealing treat. This necessitates a series of knockabout minigames, tailored for maximum madcap multiplayer.

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