Removing eyeshadow smudges from a toy?

Hello! Bit of an emergency situation here (though it was my dumb fault, I take responsibility). 🙂

I recently bought the two talking Bride of Chucky dolls from Spencer’s (the ones whose heads and mouths move). As Tiffany had no eyeshadow and didn’t look movie accurate, I added some – actual eyeshadow – which mostly looks okay, but she ended up with a couple small, stray smudges I need to get off. I’ve tried a lot – surface cleaner, alcohol, peroxide, baking soda – to no avail, the black smudges won’t budge.

I’m not sure what she’s made of, but she has sort of a thin, rubbery face (with moving parts underneath). Any ideas to solve the problem?

My next idea was a Magic Eraser, but I was afraid that might be too abrasive.

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