Mini Review: Five Dates – An Amusing Dating Sim That Doesn’t Seem To Know Its Audience

“Are you courting?”.

Lockdown in 2020 has undoubtedly forced us – as a society – to rethink a few things. Gone are the simple pleasures of attending a concert or a sports game, and even the anxiety-inducing dating scene has largely migrated to the online world. With this in mind, Wales Interactive has concocted a surprisingly funny, authentic dating sim with Five Dates, an interactive live-action comedy that rewards multiple playthroughs, but ultimately leaves us wondering who its intended audience is.

Five Dates follows Vinny, a London-based millennial who jumps headfirst into the world of online dating in the midst of the COVID-19 UK lockdown. With the support of his friend Callum, he meets a handful of women over video chat, and over the course of the game must whittle these down to just one (provided he doesn’t completely mess it up, of course).

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