My little sister accidentally put a FurReal friend into test mode, and would now love to do it again. Any advice?

My little sister is really into animatronics, motionettes etc at the moment, to the point of taking an electronics class to start building her own. She got a couple of secondhand FurReal friends, in particular a “dress me babies” rabbit. It moves around and makes little rabbit noises. When carrying it she pressed the sensor but instead it made a strange alarm/siren noise really loudly, played through all the rabbit noises, beeped and then stopped. She looked into it and this appears to be some kind of “test mode”, as per this Wikipedia article on Tiger Toys:

She has been trying to recreate this to no avail, especially as the toy only has one button so it’s not like you can hold down or press multiple buttons at once. Does anyone have any advice on how we could trigger this mode? Any help would be appreciated!

If this isn’t the right sub for this post please let me know!

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