Review: Crimzon Clover – World EXplosion – Another Must-Have Shmup For Your Switch

Roll out the crimson carpet for this bullet hell classic.

Yotsubane’s Crimzon Clover has had quite the journey over the past decade. Beginning as a homemade doujin soft distributed back in 2010, it received an arcade port in Japan in 2013, which was followed by another version for Windows, distributed internationally, a year later. Now, it’s been revived again for the Nintendo Switch in 2020 in what can only be described as a perfect conversion and added modes.

Crimzon Clover – World EXplosion is a bullet hell shooter inspired by the likes of Cave’s Dodonpachi, Mushihime-sama, Esp Ra. De., Ketsui and numerous others (some of these have received recent ports to the Switch, as well). It plays familiarly, with three main ships (a fourth is unlockable) blessed with different speeds and weapon types. However, the most important part of your arsenal is the lock-on attack, similar to Taito’s Raystorm and Raizing’s Terra Diver/Soukyuugurentai.

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