What are these called? They are bigger than crayola scribble scrubbies but similar in function. Please help!

I thought these were made by crayola but all I see are the scribble scrubbies . They are these little, but not super small (about palm of your hand sized) white animal figurines that are smooth surfaced. They are made to be colored on with washable markers and then washed off and reused. Crayola scribble scrubbies are similar to what I’m looking for but much smaller than the ones I’d seen and the ones I’m looking for are sold individually not as a set.

Does anyone know what these are and where I can find them? All my search results are coming up with nothing. I’ve seen them in stores and my daughters friend has one so I know I’m not just imagining them. I just cant recall where I saw them or what they were called.

This is the only thing my kid has asked for for her birthday coming up and I think they are super neat and would like to be able to get her one.

Edit…they are like adult palm sized. Maybe 4 or 5″ tall.

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