Review: Control: Ultimate Edition – A Highly Convincing Proof-Of-Concept For Cloud Gaming On Switch

Upper Escherlon Gaming.

If you haven’t played Control yet, the game’s newest release on Nintendo Switch might be enough to finally tempt you to give it a go. But one question looms large over the Switch’s version of the game: does it actually run well on Nintendo’s less-powerful home console? The short answer is: yes. The slightly longer answer is: it runs well enough. The longer answer is this review.

Developer Remedy has partnered up with Ubitus, a cloud gaming company, to release the first “Cloud Version” Switch title to launch globally (Japanese gamers have already sampled the likes of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 7 via the wonders of streaming). The fundamental difference between Control on Xbox and PlayStation and the Cloud Version on Switch is that the game is not running natively on the Switch itself; instead, it’s streamed remotely from Ubitus’ much more powerful servers. The obvious downside is that your Switch has to be connected to the internet to run the game.

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