Mini Review: Touhou Spell Bubble – A Puzzle Bobble Sequel In All But Name

Taito hops onto the Touhou Project.

The Touhou Project is one of the most noteworthy success stories of independent game development there has ever been. Since 1995, creator Jun’ya “ZUN” Ōta has self-published 22 games in the series – and over the course of that period, there have been numerous spin-off games created by fans of the series who want to pay homage to its story, setting and characters. We’re not talking just little indie projects here, either; Touhou Spell Bubble, one of those spin-offs, is the work of the mighty Taito and should be considered a brand-new instalment in the Puzzle Bobble series of action puzzlers in all but name.

Touhou Spell Bubble combines puzzle action with rhythm game elements. It unfolds as a series of one-on-one puzzle battles in which, unlike many competitive puzzlers, your aim is not to fill up your opponent’s playfield; instead, you’re aiming to score more points than them by the time a piece of music ends. By firing coloured bubbles from the bottom of the screen, you can make groups of three or more like-coloured bubbles in order to burst them. Bursting larger groups of bubbles triggers the rhythm game element, which requires you to tap the A button in time with on-screen markers as your bubbles burst; successful hits are one of the ways you score those all-important points.

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