Review: Bakugan: Champions Of Vestroia – The Kids Deserve So Much Better

Pokemon: Let’s No.

The great big battle beasts of Bakugan, alongside their pint-sized schoolkid handlers, have been doing the rounds on TV and in various video/card games since 2007’s Bakugan: Battle Brawlers series. This latest outing sees developer Wayforward attempt to shoehorn this universe into a Pokémon: Let’s Go-style monster collectathon aimed squarely at small kids but, even for youngsters, this is a surprisingly simplistic affair comprising a dull story, mind-numbing battle action, offensively basic side-missions and a truly barebones online offering slapped on for bad measure.

To be fair to Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, things do get off to a reasonably decent start with players jumping into a character creation suite to magic themselves up a brawling hero before being introduced to a world that, initially, looks and sounds like its got some potential. This is a bright and colourful game with a crisp, clean art-style and some impressively big beasts to get collecting. However, things begin to fall apart quickly with a lacklustre opening cinematic failing to explain how or why schoolchildren are running around having enormous scraps with gigantic alien monsters and a setting that soon reveals itself to be completely devoid of life or fun side activities to bolster the game’s core Bakugan-battling action.

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