Review: Green Hell – A Brutal And Rewarding Open-World Survival Sim

Welcome to the Jungle.

If you’re a fan of relentlessly brutal open-world survival sims that fling you sans ceremony into a dangerous wilderness full of death and danger, then Creepy Jar’s Green Hell might just be right up your street. Here is a survival effort that sticks admirably to its core conceit, never once allowing you an unearned foothold in its Amazonian rainforest setting. It brutalises you at every opportunity, forcing you to adapt quickly or die repeatedly, and lands on Switch in a decent port that performs well at the expense of the usual graphical downgrades and a handful of slight control niggles.

This is, from the very outset, a survival game that absolutely earns the “hell” in its title. As you slowly inch your way through the dense jungle environment into which you’ve been dropped, you’ll be faced with the immediate threat of dehydration and starvation and – as you attempt to scavenge a means to solving these most basic and pressing of problems – you’ll be poisoned, bitten and broken repeatedly. This is a world full of dangerous plants and deadly animals, from snakes and scorpions that strike from the shadows and blight your blood with the ticking timebomb of venomous poison, to large predators such as jaguars, pumas, caimans and, of course, the local indigenous tribes who – quite rightly – do not hesitate to come at you with great big knives and pointy, shooty arrows.

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