Next Week on Xbox: November 3 to 6

Welcome to Next Week on Xbox, where we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC! Every week the team at Xbox aims to deliver quality gaming content for you to enjoy on your favorite gaming console and PC. Get more details on these games below and click on their profiles for pre-order details (dates are subject to change). Jump in!

Autobahn Police Simulator 2 – November 4

Take on varied, randomly selected missions like car chases at high speeds, careful escorts, accident securing, and traffic checks. By successfully completing these operations you move up in rank. Over the course of the game you can further develop the station and gain access to new opportunities and missions this way.

Ord. – November 4

A unique take on text adventure games with a minimalist use of words, visuals, and sound. Play unique stories with 3 words only! Ord will make you laugh and cry through its original approach to narrative and game design.

Switch ‘N’ Shoot – November 4

Calling all pilots: Earth is under alien attack! Pilot an advanced star fighter with just one button — you switch, you shoot. Every shot fired changes your direction and mastering this is key to becoming a legend among the stars.

Comanche (PC/Xbox Game Pass) – November 5

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter set in the near future. You have the choice to delve into the evolving single-player campaign and make a difference in a conflict of global proportions or compete with other Comanche players from all around the world in the explosive, team-based multiplayer modes. 

Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story (Xbox One X Enhanced) – November 5

A stealth based, single-player adventure that throws you right into the middle of the martian invasion. Play as Harper through her personal story amidst the most significant event in human history. Based on the work of H.G. Wells, explore the English countryside and encounter iconic concepts such as Black Smoke, Red Weed, and the almighty Fighting Machine and its Heat Ray.

Knights and Bikes (Console and PC/Xbox Game Pass) – November 5

Saddle up for a bike-riding, friendship-building, frisbee-throwing, goose-petting, treasure-hunting adventure for 1 or 2 players! Play as Nessa & Demelza as they explore an ancient island with their pet goose Captain Honkers, riding and upgrading their bikes on a quest for treasure, adventure, and an end to childhood boredom!

YesterMorrow – November 5

A single-player time travelling 2D platformer mixing action sequences with puzzle elements. Follow Yui’s return to the past where she must overcome all obstacles to salvage a world trapped in Neverending Night. What she discovers along the way will leave her with a difficult choice: what will she choose when the fate of her world and the Order of Timekeepers rests in her hands?

Crystal Ortha (Xbox Play Anywhere) – November 6

Set off on a journey with four allies who have the future on their shoulders to find the legendary crystal mother lode! Enjoy solving puzzles in dungeons and striking up conversations with the people from around the world.

Dark Sauce – November 6

Dark Sauce is a cubical platforming game that delivers everything the true gamer needs: colourful 3D graphics with voxels, challenging levels, memorable NPCs, dungeons, dragons and valuable loot!

Dead Dungeon – November 6

Dead Dungeon is a hardcore 2D platformer in the best traditions of classic games, with an excellent chiptune soundtrack. The game will check your nerves for strength and bring a lot of emotions.

Dirt 5 (Optimized for Xbox Series X|S) – November 6

Dirt 5 is the bold new off-road racing experience from Codemasters. Blaze a trail across the most iconic routes in the world. Drive a huge roster of cars – from rally icons, to trucks, to GT heroes and more. With a star-studded Career, four-player split-screen, innovative online action and the brand-new Playgrounds arena creator mode, Dirt 5 is the next generation of extreme racing.

Memoranda – November 6

Memoranda is a game about forgetting and being forgotten. A point and click adventure game with magic realism elements that tells the story of a young woman who gradually realizes that she is forgetting her own name. But is she really losing her memory, or is there something else that could explain the strange situation?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered – November 6

Feel the thrill of the chase and the rush of escape behind the wheels of the world’s hottest high-performance cars in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered. Outsmart the heat or take down lawbreakers with the tactical weaponry at your disposal in a heart-pumping, socially competitive racing experience. Updated with enhanced visuals, cross-platform multiplayer plus all additional main DLC.

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay – November 6

Join the Mighty Pups on a super-heroic mission to Save Adventure Bay. Have fun together in 2-player co-op mode, unlock fun mini-games, rescue familiar friends, and use each pup’s mighty powers to make the town PAWsome again!

Persephone (Xbox One X Enhanced) – November 6

Persephone is a puzzle game that explores the following possibility: what if death isn’t the end, but the key to solve puzzles? Where, when and how will you choose to die in order to progress?

Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind (Xbox One X Enhanced) – November 6

Explore the Labyrinth, get acquainted with its bizarre inhabitants, its secrets and its rules. Face enemies, traps, puzzles, and ferocious bosses. To escape the Labyrinth, you will have but one weapon: the rope that binds you together.

Speed 3 Grand Prix – November 6

Get on the circuit and show that you’re the best driver of all time. Pick your favorite formula racing car and make your way to the first spot in all seasons to claim the championship title. Drive recklessly to take down the competition and let them all bite your dust.

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