Review: Supraland – A Playful Platformer With Squandered Potential

A sandbox of missed potential.

Sometimes a game’s overambition can be to its detriment, and Supraland is a prime example of this. The game is a disappointing tale of clear purpose and great ideas that, unfortunately, does not create an enjoyable product. While it is impressive that the game was created by only two developers, Supraland feels closer to a tech demo than a retail release, with its unintuitive puzzles, difficult controls, and numerous technical issues.

One of the most glaring issues Supraland faces is that it struggles with what kind of story it wants to tell. The game takes place in a child’s sandbox with two opposing factions: the red kingdom and blue kingdom. After the blue people attack the red people’s sewage pipe underground, the Red King – with the help of the player – sets off to have a discussion with the Blue King about the attack.

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