Fortnite Crosses The Streams With Ghostbusters Just In Time For Halloween

What about the packs?!

A new set of cosmetic gear has cropped up in the item shop in Fortnite and it’s ready to tap into the wallets of every nostalgia-drenched thirty-something who dabbles in Epic’s struggling little battle royale game.

Yes, you can don the official garb of Messrs. Spengler, Stantz, Zeddemore and Venkman and bust out a variety of gear, including a Proton Pack, a bespoke Ecto-1-esque glider, a Proton Pickaxe, a Ghost Trap and a selection of skins. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play as the previously mentioned real ghostbusters, but there’s a good selection of gear to enjoy if you ain’t afraid’a no ghost and Ecto-1 is apparently hiding on the map, too. You can check out the selection of available goodies at the bottom of the page in the video from sniper god 987.

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