Review: HyperBrawl Tournament – A Fun And Frantic Arcade Handbrawler

The Beautiful Maim.

Milky Tea’s HyperBrawl Tournament sees teams of futuristic handbrawlers compete in chaotic 2v2 matches where they duke it out — literally kicking, punching, stabbing and hammering each other into submission — in order to stick a great big metal ball into each other’s neon nets for a GOOOOOOOAL! It’s Speedball blitzed with Rocket League, a cartoonish arcade sports effort whose quick, action-packed matches feel like a perfect fit for Switch and, while it may not quite reach the dizzy heights of its most obvious influences due to a couple of niggles here and there, it’s a fun and frantic good time nonetheless.

The story here, such as it is, sees future heroes from across the galaxy sought out by ancient protectors of the universe in order to prove themselves in the ultimate tournament, outscoring, outwitting and out-brawling each other in order to become masters of the Hyperforce. Rightio! Choosing from a roster comprised of eight brawlers divided into three classes — core, swift and tank — you’ll need to team up and get to grips with punching, kicking, hypercurving your shots, activating a hyperforce special to power up attacks and making use of a variety of weapons and tools in order to subvert the flow of a match in your favour.

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