Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Local Wireless Multiplayer Games

Games best played with multiple Switches.

The Switch’s facility with local couch co-op games is one of the key selling points of the console. The ability to crack (read: carefully slide) off the Joy-Con and get involved in some same-screen multiplayer mayhem is super convenient, although the introduction in September 2019 of Switch Lite — the portable-only console variant which doesn’t have removeable controllers — means that local wireless play (meaning Switch-to-Switch, no internet connection required) has grown in popularity, too.

While far from guaranteed, the likelihood that there’s more than one Switch in your household is growing all the time, so below we’ve assembled a selection of local wireless multiplayer games which arguably function at their very best when everyone’s got their own Switch (in fact, multiple Switches are a necessity for the first entry on the list).

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