Review: Ben 10: Power Trip! – An Underwhelming Adaptation Of A Cartoon Favourite

It’s hero time.

The Ben 10 franchise is one of the most popular productions from Cartoon Network, with a fourteen-year run that’s spanned five iterations of the TV show, with the current one being a reboot of the first show. As one would expect of a multimedia franchise such as this, a litany of video game adaptations (of varying quality) have been made to accompany the shows, which brings us to Ben 10: Power Trip!. Clearly produced as a tie-in to the movie which saw a debut last week, Ben 10: Power Trip! cleanly fits the definition of ‘middling tie-in video game’. That is to say, it is aggressively okay, which can be both a good and bad thing.

The story begins with Ben, Gwen and their Grandpa Max taking a vacation through Europe, but their trip is quickly interrupted by the appearance of Hex, one of Ben’s alien nemeses. Hex somehow disables Ben’s ability to transform into different aliens and scatters their DNA samples across the region, thus forcing Ben to recover them so he can put a stop to Hex’s evil plan. Those of you hoping that Ben 10: Power Trip! would display some of the more mature, complex storytelling that the TV shows have been acclaimed for will be left wanting, as the plot in this release feels akin to a throwaway ‘bottle episode’ without much depth. This isn’t strictly a bad thing, but considering the narrative potential that a new Ben 10 video game could possess, it feels a bit too lacklustre.

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