Mini Review: Falcon Age – The Closest Most Of Us Will Get To Owning A Pet Falcon

Spread your wings and fly away.

We can all agree that falcons are pretty cool. What’s even cooler is the notion that certain folks out there can utilise these majestic creatures for hunting purposes, coaxing the bird into their hand with just a simple whistle. If you happen to see someone with a falcon attached to their hand and rocking a tweed flat cap, you know they’re a cut above your average human.

We don’t all have the time nor the means to practice falconry in real life, so thankfully Falcon Age is the next best thing. Originally released as a VR title, the game transitions successfully over to the Nintendo Switch, albeit losing a few mechanics along the way and retaining a few others that would objectively be far more satisfying to execute in VR rather than a standard control scheme.

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