Mini Review: Macbat 64 – A Pitifully Weak Clone Of Those N64 Platformers You Know And Love

An utterly mediocre journey.

Nostalgia is a powerful motivator in gaming. Providing a sense of comfort and familiarity, developers often target this feeling through sequels and remakes, but in the last decade, we’ve seen a greater rise in spiritual successors and that’s been particularly prominent for early 3D platformers, Yooka-Laylee and A Hat In Time being prime examples. Attempting to recreate that N64 feel, we now have Macbat 64: Journey Of A Nice Chap from Diploducus Games, taking place across the Kiwibbean. It certainly feels like an N64 game, but completely fails to do this era justice in the execution.

You play as Macbat, a monocle-wearing bat living in Kiwiland, a region once ruled by the evil Melon King before his defeat two years prior by a singular kiwi bird (Ivy?). Residents have since seen peace but recently, water production has stopped at the “Watery Factory” and entry is sealed by six different keys. Tasked by your parrot friend to investigate, it comes down to Macbat to find them all and discover what happened. Utilising a storybook aesthetic to journey between levels, Macbat 64 has 10 levels in total and comes filled with self-referential humour that often breaks the fourth wall.

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