most favorite toy from the 1980s

during the 1980s, what was your most favorite toy that wound up being either your prize possession, or your child’s prize possession during that decade

for me, it was a toy video camera. I think it was made by Fisher-Price if I remember correctly. it took regular cassette tapes, and then you would hook it up to a television. from what I understand, they did not last very long at all. The mechanisms kept breaking. finally, they were discontinued. I remember around kindergarten age, maybe first grade, I practically wore mine completely out. I was inseparable from it. I almost always had the thing in my hand. no, I didn’t take it to school, silly Billy. The last thing I wanted was it getting taken away from me by a teacher or principal. Believe believe me, my principal at that time was a jerk. He would probably have done it. he actually calmed down, and mellowed out to be a very very nice gentleman in the long run, but that’s for a completely different sub Reddit. LOL.

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