Review: Going Under – This Satrical Dungeon-Crawler Proves Employment Really Is A Grind

We’re in the money.

We’ve seen plenty of games critique capitalism in recent years and on Switch alone, 2020’s already had The Outer Worlds and Journey To The Savage Planet make the jump. Joining them next is Going Under by Aggro Crab, but rather than take us to a science fiction setting, it brings that satirical humour into an all-too-familiar setting instead: your workplace. Mixing everyday office life into a roguelite dungeon crawler, this story won’t universally appeal, but it marks a highly entertaining debut from these new developers that packs a serious challenge.

Set within Neo-Cascadia, Going Under sees you working for a carbonated drink brand called Fizzle, owned by shipping giants Cubicle. You play as Jackie, an unpaid marketing intern arriving for her first day and within minutes of getting there, monsters appear within Fizzle’s building. Adapting to this unexpected situation quite swiftly, Jackie is pressured into defeating more baddies by her manager, Marv, leading us to an unwinnable first dungeon before being introduced to her new co-workers: Swomp, Kara, Fern, Tappi and Fizzle’s CEO, Ray. It becomes clear this wasn’t the internship she was previously advertised, and soon enough, she gets co-opted into further fights.

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