Review: Bake ‘n Switch – A Fine Multiplayer Adventure Which Needed Longer In The Oven

Baking Bad.

When it comes to the simple pleasures in life, few things can ever beat a good meal. We’ve seen cooking factor into various games by now, often as a side mechanic, but increasingly becoming that experience’s core focus. Developed by Streamline Games, we now find Bake ‘n Switch arriving on Switch, described as a “violently cute co-op party brawler”. Taking this kitchen to both tropical and desert locations, it’s reminiscent of Overcooked in numerous ways but doesn’t fully rise to the occasion.

We must warn you now though, Bake ‘n Switch cannot be played in single-player at all at the time of writing (it’s expected to arrive in October, the developer tells us). It doesn’t feature AI characters that can help you within an offline solo adventure and you’re unable to join random online players like in other multiplayer titles. Everything is 2-4 player co-op and an online group can only be formed via the Switch’s Online Play Invitations. Party experiences are rarely as fun when playing alone, something Super Mario Party can attest to, but to remove that option entirely is rather unfortunate.

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