Review: Georifters – An Ultimately Unremarkable 2D Platformer

Puzzlingly dull.

There’s been no end to 2D platformers on Switch, but only a select few featured that heavier focus on puzzle mechanics. Whether it’s enjoyable first-party efforts like BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! to indie affairs such as Evergate, we’ve seen a great line-up so far, and Georifters is next to the plate. Developed by Busy Toaster, Georifters is more of a kid-friendly experience, featuring a strong focus on local multiplayer that allows up to 4 players. It holds some good ideas but sadly, the execution just isn’t that fun.

Our main campaign takes place within adventure mode, letting you play alone or in 2-player co-op. Starting in the land of Sweet Spot, a world where everyone is obsessed with sugary treats, our local hero Candy notices that strange rifts have appeared within their atmosphere. Aided by Chief in her investigation, she discovers those rifts are spatially unstable, bringing in waves of foul Buttflys. Resolving to find the cause, this story spreads across 6 different worlds, meeting new playable characters along the way and spans over 30 levels.

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