I need to know that I’m not crazy. Or gaslighting myself.

Today i remembered that a long time ago (07-09 therabouts) I got, from my older cousins’ house, a large Matchbox/Hotwheels playset. I dont know what the occasion was or if it was even meant for me, but i had it in my possesion and the parents didn’t seem to care, the details about what the set was was exactly are a little fuzzy and it was never fully assembled, but in my mind the concept of car wash is attatched to all the memories of the damn thing, but take that with a grain of salt

the toy was hefty but not overlarge for a hot wheels/matchbox playset, the main component was reeaally solid and had motor components to drive the toys main gimmick, a double screw elevator, two large orange archimedes screws set inside the main tower, geared to spin in sync in oposite directions, the whole assembly was inclined slightly backwards to accomodate the input/output ramps and keep cars from falling off. the screws were geared in such a way that the threads would always be level, which created a sort of quasi elevator platform that cars could set on, running the motor in reverse however would trap objects and fingers under the mechanism, i doubt cheap plastic cars would survive.

there are a few other aspects i remember but not as clearly, like behind the screws i believe there were two output ramps, one high the other low, one of them wound back to the base of the tower and the other dropped the cars into a clear blue bucket with a ladle thing, the bucket was attatched to a spring loaded spinning mechanism, that combined with the ladle were probably in service of the colorshifters gimmick that was in at the time,

thats all the helpful info i got on it, i hope there is an answer found, im getting some mandela effect vibes y’know

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