Mini Review: Party Hard 2 – This Stripped-Down Hitman Clone Is A Fun Time

Let’s get a party going.

Remember parties? Before 2020, these loud, obnoxious gatherings used to happen quite a lot. Back in the day, we loved a good party, but as the years go by, the prospect of sitting under the lampshade with a stiff drink and a good book is much more enticing. Party Hard 2 stars a poor chap who just wants to get a good night’s sleep, but nearby parties keep him wide awake and increasingly agitated. In a rather questionable decision, the game tasks you with stopping the parties in perhaps the most extreme way possible: kill some, if not all, of the attendees.

Party Hard 2 is very much a stripped-down Hitman game, but with all the wacky gameplay options you’d come to expect from the stealth franchise. Like its predecessor, Party Hard 2’s levels are displayed from a top-down viewpoint, so you can get a really decent look at the layout of the buildings and exterior land. The graphics have improved drastically from the first game, although the pixelated characters are still quite rudimentary (we did, however, notice one character model that looked suspiciously like Harley Quinn, so that was cool). It can also be a bit tough to see what’s going on sometimes due to the overall dark colour palette, so you’ll definitely want to play in a dark room.

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