Feature: From Virtual Boy To Mario Kart Live – Nintendo’s History In Mixed Realities

Mario Kart Live was a surprise, but far from unprecedented.

It’s been six years since we first experienced the wonderful Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, becoming the troubled console’s best-selling title and up until last week, fans had been wondering where the next entry was. Sure, Deluxe arrived in 2017 with expanded content and mobile users have enjoyed Mario Kart Tour, but neither substituted that desire for a fully-fledged sequel. Rumours had previously cropped up about a new entry this year and many hoping they’d finally see Mario Kart 9.

Few could’ve expected Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit instead, as confirmed in last week’s 35th Anniversary Direct. Utilising real-life toys to build your own circuits, it’s what many of us would’ve dreamed for as kids. Relaying a video feed from a remote-controlled kart to our Switch, item boxes and fellow racers will be displayed via Augmented Reality. It came as a surprise but recent years have shown an experimental attitude towards this sub-series, not forgetting how Mario Kart Arcade saw a VR version release back in 2018.

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